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Profiler is an app that lets you monitor different parts of your Android in real time. You can keep tabs on your CPU frequency, GPU workload, how much memory is used on your RAM, network consumption, temperature, voltage and temperature.

One of the main points in Profiler is that it has a full dashboard with visible parameters all easily displayed right on your desktop. So, for example, you'll be in the know on exactly how much a game or app bogs down your Android's capacity in terms of its performance.
By Erika Okumura
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Monitor the internal performance of your smartphone with Profiler

We tend to lose ourselves in a world of statistics when it comes to deciding what smartphone to buy. Benchmark analyses have become one of the most important resources for selective users, but even so, you might still feel lost even after buying. It's never a bad idea to monitor the status of the components of your smartphone, especially if you want to see how it performs when it comes to running certain games or apps. Profiler is one of the simplest tools you can find for this job, since it shows how your Android device performs in a customizable floating window. 
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Android 4.0 or higher

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